Sound & Tone

Sound & Tone

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Sound & Tone
  • Tone Color Warm-Up

    This is the first thing I do on flute every morning, a la Marcel Moyse from his book “De La Sonorite”. It’s great for warming up your embouchure, developing an even sound in all ranges, tightening up your intonation, and honing in on the tone you strive for. Great for all horns but I demo on flute!

  • Whisper Tone Exercise

    My second favorite longtone exercise in addition to HA TA TAs! If you haven't already seen the HA TA TA video that I reference, here it is:

  • Beginner Vibrato Demonstration

  • Pitch Bending Part 2: Three Ways to Scoop a Note!

  • Pitch Bending Part 1: Flexibility

    Hi everyone! In my opinion, this is the best way to gain flexibility on a woodwind/brass instrument in order to achieve that "jazz style" sound that you might hear with scoops, bends, etc. I've made a cut at the end of this video to break it into 2 parts - there's a shorter Part 2 video that take...

  • Longtones: HA TA TA Demonstration